My Personal Experience at the Ultimate World Speaker Summit 2013!


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    tina Reply

    I have always believed if you attend a seminar and leave with ONE good idea, your time has been well spent! Congratulations!
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    Dov Shapira Reply

    “Without a mentor your very best thinking has got you exactly where you are today” – Raymond Aaron This is so true 🙂
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    Veronica Reply

    Great post! having a good mentor is definitely a good thing
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    Yvonne Brown Reply

    I wish you a great month as well! Yvonne Brown
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    Arizona ExpressFlooring Reply

    We have so much things to learn. If we just welcome those opportunity to learn, take time to it and love learning each day…you will be fully equipped to take challenges that will come along your way.
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    Abiodun Oluokun Reply

    Thanks Tina … I left with several ideas to implement. I wish you good success
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    John Luyster Reply

    Great Article.. Well written sounds like it was a great conference.

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